CCS Policy Skills Series

The CCS Policy Skills series focuses on empowering students with the skills and knowledge to confidently engage in climate policy and advocacy.
Skills workshops will run alongside interactive sessions designed to provide students with insights into governance spaces from experts, academics and activists.

The new policy programme at CCS will enable students to develop skills that will strengthen pathways from academia at Cambridge to careers in climate policy.

Across Lent term, students will be given the opportunity to take part in expert-led workshops on key competencies such as public speaking and advocacy training.  Sessions will explore local policy, such as the University’s sustainability policy, and global policy in the wake of COP28.

Attendants at any one of these sessions will be encouraged to reflect on their opinions and interactions with climate policy, providing short reflective written responses that will be an integral component of the CCS Student Stocktake Report. Find out about the report here.

Important Information

Application Deadlines
22nd October, 23:00 BST
Cash Prize

Winners receive £500
Available Spots
No prior climate knowledge or experience in climate initiatives but will be considered as a additional strength to an application 
Students from every course and degree level are encouraged to apply, we would like it to be as diverse as possible! 
Would like you to be able to attend all 4 interactive sessions, as well as Academy Challenge Day 

Important Information

Lent Term 2024



Everyone is welcome! Spaces will be limited based on location, tickets allocated on a first come first served basis.
Interested in taking part in the Student Stocktake Report?

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